BbTalkin Advance

World’s first bluetooth waterproof intercom

Up to 1600 distance (read manual first)

IPX7 Waterproof case

Pair up to 6 Advance intercoms

Handsfree system

Cold resistant

Compatible headphones for all sports

Up to 10 hours usage time

Student/Friend can talk back

Noise canceling mic and software

Pair with smartphone

Listen to music

Take important calls

Record your sessions

Online LIVE communication

BB Talkin Advance

Want to know what BbTalkin can do for you? Here is Ruben Lenten explaining how to jump high with BbTalkin mono helmet setup.

BB Talkin Winter SALE

Check our winter SALE for winter sports. All our winter products are in sale. We also have a special pack for instructors that want video feedback for there students.

Bb Radio world’s smallest PTT radio

BbRadio is the smallest PTT radio in the world. Unlimited connections and unlimited range. With the Zello app you can connect multiple other users and make a group connection with your friends. When paired to your smartphone you can use the device as a PTT radio and communicate with other connected riders. It’s also possible to connect the BbRadio to you Advance system (100m distance). Combine the product with our snow helmet speakers and you will have the best music available.

Bb Radio

Check out how easy it is to pair your BbRadio to your smartphone. Get worldwide connection with BbRadio

Bb Speaker – Most versatile product we have

Our BbSpeaker is the most versatile product we have. Easy to pair with smartphone for music and unlimited range to other users. With the Zello App you can use your BbSpeaker as a Walkie Talkie and connect to your friends all over the world. The speaker is also usable as a normal music bluetooth speaker. If you would like a group conversation (intercall with Advance)you are able to let others listen in to the conversation and participate.

BB Speaker

All the best in ONE product. No more bulky PTT radio's. BbRadio and Advance in one.

ProShot Touch for iPhones

ProShot is an ultra waterproof, durable, and shockproof housing for the iPhone that gives you the freedom to take your phone anywhere and capture any moment. ProShot can be easily mounted on almost any surface and is compatible with all GoPro® mounts.

Pro Shot Touch

ProShot is an ultra waterproof, durable, and shockproof housing for iPhones