BbTalkin BbSpeaker – ALL-IN-ONE device

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  • 1x BbSpeaker
  • 1x BbSpeaker Bag
  • 1x Mircro USB cable
  • 1x Stand mount
  • 1x Double sided tape
  • 1x Bag strap
  • 1x External wire microphone

Product features:

  • Bluetooth 4.0
  • use time 6h-8h
  • Charging 90min
  • Range 1km
  • Waterproof IPX5
  • BbRadio PTT – BbAdvance – Music speaker (All in one)
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BbTalkin BbSpeaker ALL-IN-ONE

Handsfree life conversation up to 6 people –  PTT Walky Talky with Zello App and smartphone – Music speaker

BbTalkin BbSpeaker is our long range, waterproof IPX5, Bluetooth intercom and the only product that has speaker and microphone integrated. You do not need to add a headset. It will still be optional thru the 3.50mm audio jack on the bottom of the BbSpeaker. Pair your smartphone to the BbSpeaker and use the ZelloApp to make the BbSpeaker work as a PTT Walky Talky, with unlimited range and connections. When you connected your smartphone. You are also able to play music thru the BbSpeaker making it a portable music player. We always recommend to use this product on land or on board only, due to limited IPX5 waterproof indication.

Handsfree life conversation up to 6p

You can connect up to six BbTalkin BbSpeakers at the same time and have a life group conversation. The BbSpeaker has the microphone and speaker built inside and works completely hands free. Our BbSpeaker creates a network with live communication established thru built-in Bluetooth connection. You do not need your cellphone nor is another connection required.

BbSpeaker is a Walky Talky paired with your smartphone and Zello App

Together with your paired smartphone and Zell App you can also use your BbSpeaker as a real Walky Talky with unlimited range and connections. Your messages will be recorded with the BbSpeaker and send to the Zello App on your smartphone. The message will be spread to all persons that are connected to a group you have preselected. If they have the Zello App installed and the BbSpeaker paired. The message will be played on their BbSpeaker. In this way your BbSpeaker functions as a Walky Talky, but far smaller, lighter with more distance and unlimited connections. More info about Zello on

Pair you smartphone and Listen to Music

The BbSpeaker works also as a music speaker. Connect your phone with bluetooth and listen to you favorite music thru the BbSpeaker.


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