How to replace SD-Speaker and SD-Microphone?

New Product features and replaceable components

  • new design & structure
  • improved voice quality
  • support any helmet (not rubber painted helmet)
  • low cost on repair
  • easy to repair

Speaker replacement (SD-SPK)

Our speakers will not last forever. The product is used in harsh conditions, heat, cold, water, salt, sun and sand that will destroy any plastic object after a while. Our speaker is one of the most delicate parts. So we decided to make the product with easy to repair speakers. We recommend to send your speaker for repair to your nearest dealer. But this could take more time. If you do not want to wait you can order extra speaker replacement (SD-SPK) and change it yourself easily.

Microphone replacement SD-MIC

Use 2 intercoms: Use 2 working intercoms that you can pair. Let’s call them nr1 and nr2. On nr1 intercom you listen to what you are doing and when the microphone is placed correct. On intercom nr2 you add the headset with microphone that needs to be replaced.

Remove old mic and test connection: After you removed the old broken microphone from the headset you can test the connection. Use a paper clip to connect the 2 pins you see where the mic should go and connect them together. You should hear a scratching sound and indicates the headset is still functioning. If there is no sound, the headset is beyond repair.

Install new mic: When installing the microphone. Make sure you don’t see the red ring on the outside to much the less the beter. Push the microphone in place above the two pins. Carefully put pressure with your thumb. When holding pressure on the microphone, put the screws in place (not to tight!) on both sides without letting the pressure go (keep mic in place). Only when both screws are in the right place, you can let go. This makes sure you do not put to much pressure on only one side of the mic and prevents it from braking close to the screw hole.

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