BbTalkin maintenance

Maintenance is very important. Keep your BbTalkin products clean and rinse them every time. We use our devises in the most harsh conditions out there like salt, UV, sand and dirt. Cleaning your devise will positively effect the life expectation of your gear. At the end you will spend a lot on replacement products.

IMPORTANT NOTE: After use. Maintenance. Clean BbTalkin products with fresh water and dry products properly.

  1. Remove all microphone sponges and clean system with low pressure fresh water. Clean the system while the headset(s) and housing are still connected and waterproof sealed.
  2. Dry with a soft towel and then disassemble.
  3. Disconnect the headset, open the waterproof housing and take the intercom out. Put the intercom without the housing safely away. Do not leave them in a moist environment.
  4. Let the headsets and waterproof cases dry properly and check for damages.

BbTalkin product warning

Salt, water and sun in combination with electronics don’t go well together. But with the proper cleaning and drying after every sessions your BbTalkin equipment will have longer life.

  • Do not leave the intercom out of the waterproof case in a humid environment.
  • Don’t leave your set(s) in the sun or in a hot car for long periods. The sealings may dry out and the housing may damage.
  • Although they are made to be out in the cold for usage, don’t leave them for long periods out in the cold.
  • After using them in a salt water or sandy environment rinse the housing, microphones and earpads with low pressure clean water and then open the housing and remove the Main or Master units for charging.
  • Take care with the black housing seal that surrounds the lid. Gently lift the seal with a small object, and pull it off one of the corners to remove it. Rinse with tap water and if needed let it dry.
  • When storing your BbTalkin waterproof housing, it is best to leave it open so there’s no pressure on the seal. This will help them keep their shape, and prolong the life of your seals.
  • Do not overcharge your Main, Master, Speaker or Walkie Talkie systems.
  • Maintenance of you BbTalkin products is very important. Keep them clean.
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