Sailing with Bb Talkin

Whether you are a sailing coach learning people to sail or a skipper who wants to stay in touch with his other crewmates while sailing anywhere in the world in any kind of weather, Bb Talkin offers you the solution you need.

From small sailing boats for children where the coach stays onshore or in a other (sailing)boat or bigger sailing ships with an onboard instructor, with a Bb Talkin master device you can connect with up to 3 students to improve their sailing skills. Match the main and master devices with the waterproof surf headsets, sport headsets or the headsets for helmets to your liking and you’re ready to start. Your students will absolutely love the constant input of your skills to improve theirs.

And are you already sailing on your own for pleasure or in races? With Bb talkin you can maintain contact with up to 3 crewmates on the deck while you stay at the helm and thus improve your sailing experience. And there will be much less yelling and shooting orders, reducing the chances of mistakes on deck.

Bb Talkin is a stand-alone waterproof bluetooth system with a range up-to 1600 meters, so there’s no need to connect them to your phone, wifi, 3G/4G or other networks. The system will even work in the middle of the ocean.


Check out all the Bb Talkin products in our store and feel free to contact us if you have any questions!

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