Snow and Road Advance 4-way package

774.69 (excl. vat)

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Package includes:

  • 4x BbTALKIN Advance intercom
  • 4x BbTALKIN waterproof case
  • 4x sticker
  • 4x helmet mount
  • 4x strap mount
  • 3x alcohol pad
  • 3x usb to mini usb wire

For you to choose options:

  • 4x Mono earbud with wired mic (B09)
  • 4x Snow mic with audio out (B11)
  • 4x Audio beanie with wired mic (B05)
  • 4x Snow mic (B11) + Snow Speakers (BR01)

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The BbTalkin snow and road pack 4-way is a pack for 4 people. Ideal for snowboarding, skiing, motorcycle, motorcross, mountain bike and many more kinds of outdoor extreme sports not mentioned. The winter headset options you can select are not fully water proof. The rating is IPX5 that allows some spray water on the headsets, but will be sufficiënt for using in the snow. For snow helmet with integrated speakers we even have a snow mic option (B11). If you are not satisfied with your sound quality you order the pack with the premium snow speakers (BR01). The most simple headset is the mono earbud with wired microphone (B09). This headset you can easily use for any sports on the road or snow.

Información adicional


4x Mono earbud wire mic (B09), 4x Snow mic (B11), 4x Audio Beanie (B05), 4x Snow mic (B11) + 4x Snow helmet speakers (BR01)

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