BbTalkin EU Team

BbTalkin action sports intercom is one of the most versatile communication devices ever made. We are proud to announce we have some of the best riders using our devices all over Europe. Here you can find there Testimonials, Instagrams, Facebook Pages. And much more. You want to have instructions of one of the best teachers and riders in the world. Book one of our riders and be amazed about the progression you will have with our instructors and riders that combine there experience with our BbTalkin Advance intercom to give you the best day of your life. Could not find what you are looking for? Still want to have a better lesson at a school nearby? Check out our partner en dealers section to see who is using the BbTalkin device in your region.

Wakeboarding – Tina Frömling

BbTalkin EU Team rider Tina Frömling

Name: Tina fromling

Country: Germany

Profession: Wakeboard coach / Professional Wakeboarder

Big Wave Surfing – Tao en Fred Compagnon

BbTalkin EU Team member Tao Compagnon

Name: Tao Compagnon

Country: French

Profession: Youngest professional big wave surfer

European Freestyle Jet-Ski Champion 2019 – Niels Willems

Name: Niels Willems

Country: Belgium

European Freestyle Jet-ski champion 2019 

Jet-Ski – François Lavergne

BbTalkin Team member Francois Lavergne Jetski

Name: François Lavergne

Country: French

Profession: Professional Jet-ski rider

Flyboard – Bo Krook

BbTalkin Team rider Bo Krook selfie at the gay parade

Name: Bo Krook

Country: Holland

Profession: Professional Flyboarder

Windsurf – Josep Pons

Josep Pons bbtalkin team windsurfing

Name: Josep Pons

Country: Spain / Menorca

Profession: Professional Windsurfer

Kitesurf – Steven Akkerdijk

BbTalkin EU Team member Steven Akkersdijk

Name: Steven Akkersdijk

Country: Netherlands

Profession: Professional Kiter / Trainer

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