BbTalkin Advance 3p package with three Surf hats

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Package includes:

  • 1x BbTALKIN Advance intercom duo pack (A02R)
  • 3x Surf Hat Headset (B01HR head size between 55-60cm)

Surf Hat headset (Bo1HR) are both IPX7 waterproof


  • 3x BbTALKIN waterproof case
  • 3x sticker
  • 3x helmet mount
  • 3x strap mount
  • 3x alcohol pad
  • 3x usb to mini usb wire
  • 3x arm strap
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BbTalkin Advance 3p package with three Surf hats

The BbTalkin advance 3p package with three surf hats is a full waterproof communication package for three persons enjoying watersport. Ideal for use on the water for riders that prefer to use hats instead of helmets.

This pack contains 1x a duo pack Advance intercoms (A02R), 1x a single pack Advance intercom (A01R), 3x the surf cap (B01HR) with speaker and long boom microphone.

The three persons pack is able to reach 600m in distance. You can easily add up to three more intercoms and make a six persons life conversation. Adding more intercoms always means less distance. Check the “how does BbTalkin work” for more info about distance and connections.

The special designed male audio jack with screw valve is to seamless connect with the IPX7 waterproof case, that comes with the BbTalkin intercoms. In this way your intercom is IPX7 protected from water and dirt and you can enjoy your watersport with the best watersport communication devise on the market.

BbTalkin Surf hat headset

The Surf hat headset is IPX7 waterproof and is ideal for persons that prefer to use surf hats instead of helmets to enjoy watersport. The head size of the hat is between 55-60cm. The boom microphone is for mounting on the left side only and also completely replaceable.

BbTalkin Advance intercom. Long range (1200m). Waterproof communication.

The BbTalkin Advance intercom is a waterproof Bluetooth long distance intercom for all kind of watersport and industry that need hands free communication. Waterproof communication for surfschool, kitesurfschools, wakeboardschools, windsurfschools, flyboardschools, coastguard, sailing, water rescue, water workers and other industries and sports where long range waterproof communication is important for Safety, Fun and Progression. The special designed screw valve on the side of the waterproof case is to connect our BbTalkin headsets that are equipped with the special audio jack screw valve to seamless connect with the IPX7 waterproof case. In this way your intercom is IPX7 protected from water and dirt.

BbTalkin Advance has Bluetooth 4.0. communication. No other network or cellphone needed

Our BbTalkin intercoms create a network with live communication established thru built-in Bluetooth connection. You do not have to your cellphone nor is another connection required.

Handsfree life conversation up to 6p

You can connect up to six BbTalkin intercoms at the same time and have a life group conversation. The headset has no buttons or switches and works completely hands free when connection is established (No push to talk function).

Replaceable Microphone and Speakers

All our IPX7 waterproof BbTalkin headsets have replaceable microphone and speakers. To extend the life of your headset and keep the sound optimal, we recommend to replace the microphones every season to have the best quality sound.

BbTalkin Advance intercom can connect with smartphone

The BbTalkin Advance model has the feature of connecting to other smartphones. With the BbCam app you are able to record the conversation between riders. With your smartphone you can also establish a conversation with a rider on the other side of the world using Facetime or Google Duo.

BbTalkin Advance intercom all features

1200m distance – Compatible headphones – Noise canceling – Listen to music – Pair with Garmin ultra – IPX7 Waterproof case – Pair with smartphone – Pickup phone calls – 10h operation time – 2h charge time – Cold resistant – max 6p group – Online communication – live conversation – Handsfree system

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