BbTALKIN 2-way water video pro pack

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Package includes:

  • 2x BbTALKIN Advance intercom
  • 2x BbTALKIN waterproof case
  • 2x sticker
  • 2x helmet mount
  • 2x strap mount
  • 2x alcohol pad
  • 2x usb to mini usb wire

This pack is standard equipped with:

  • 1x Mono helmet speaker pad (B02R)
  • 1x Proshot mounts
  • 1x Proshot grip
  • 1x Proshot Floaties

For you to choose options:

  • 1x Surfhat (B01HR)
  • 1x Surfcap (B01CR)
  • 1x Surfhat (B01HR)
  • 1x Wake set stereo (non waterproof – B06C)
  • 1x iPhone case option (iPhone 6 or 7  or 6+ 7+ 8+)

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The special video pro 2-way pack is a pack for 2 people who want to record conversation. Ideal for coaching with video. All your recorded video will be included with the audio sound of the BbTalkin when you pair your smartphone. This pack contains the Proshotcase for iPhone only. The high waterproof case protects your iPhone for all water from outside. All headsets are IPX7 approved (exept wake/cable headset) and so is the Proshotcase. The package has a standard mono helmet speaker pad (B02R) for the rider. You will have to choose what headset you want to wear as instructor. The Surf Cap (Bo1CR), the Surf Hat (Bo1HR), the Sports Headset (B01R) or combine with the wake/cable non-waterproof headset (B06C). Make sure you choose the right iPhone case to go with your iPhone (options: 7, 8, 6+, 7+ and 8+). We will include the Proshot grip, Proshot mounts and Proshot floaties so you can start recording immediately.


Additional information

Option instructor:

Surf hat + mono helmet pad, Surf cap + mono helmet pad, Cable set (non-waterproof) + mono helmet pad, Sports headset + mono helmet pad

Iphone case:

Iphone 6, Iphone 7, Iphone 6+, Iphone 7+, Iphone 8+

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