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Always make sure that after using the BB Talkin devices for watersports that you clean them with low pressure clean water and dry them. Dry with a soft towel and then disassemble.

Disconnect the speakers and microphones, open the waterproof housing and make sure everything dries properly and check for damages.

Salt water and electronics don’t go well together but with the proper cleaning and drying after every sessions your BB Talkin equipment will work properly.

Just like any other waterproof electronic device whether it is a Go Pro or a waterproof walkie talkie the BB Talkin communication devices need maintenance and care. Especially if you use it on the beach and in a salt water enviroment.

Some tips to expend the life of you BB Talkin gear:

  • Don’t leave your set(s) in the sun or in a hot car for long periods. The sealings may dry out and the housing may damage.
  • Although they are made to be out in the cold for usage, don’t leave them for long peroids out in the cold.
  • After using them in a salt water or sandy enviroment rinse the housing, microphones and earpads with low pressure clean water and then open the housing and remove the Main or Master units for charging.
  • Take care with the black housing seal that surrounds the back door. Gently lift the seal with a small object, and pull it off one of the corners to remove it. Rinse with tap water and if needed let it dry.
  • When storing your BB Talkin waterproof housing, it is best to leave it open so there’s no pressure on the seal. This will help them keep their shape, and prolong the life of your seals.
  • Do not overcharge your Main, Master, Speaker or Walkie Talkie systems.

Troubleshooting and locating the problem(s)

If your BB Talkin device stop working or have errors we need to know what is working and what isn’t working. Basicly the problem can be with the intercom unit(s) or headphones/earpads.


  • Disassemble the complete units, remove the intercoms from their housing and make sure the are clean, dry and fully charged.
  • Make sure there is no corrosion and check the seals
  • Connect the headphone(s)/earpad(s) to a phone and test if they work while playing music and recording a voice message
  • If you own more intercom sets try different combinations to eliminate faulty units.
  • If you have only 1 or 2 intercoms units pair them one at a time with your Iphone or Android phone with bluetooth and check if you can play music or take phone calls.


Once you have found the problem please contact us


Although quality craftsmanship is paramount, we understand that our gear gets exposed to the elements and put through punishment of the world’s hardest conditions.

Warranty covers defects in materials and workmanship in this product for twelve (12) months from the date of the original purchase for main and master devices ONLY. All other parts are six (6) months from the date of the original purchase.

This warranty does not cover any damage, rusty USB part, deterioration or malfunction resulting in alteration, modification, improper or unreasonable use or maintenance, misuse, abuse, accident, neglect, exposure to excess moisture, fire, improper packing and shipping, lighting, power surges or other acts of nature.

This warranty does not cover any damage, deterioration or malfunction resulting from the installation or removal of this product from any installation, any unauthorized tampering with this product, any repairs attempted by anyone unauthorized by BbTALKIN to make such repairs, or any other cause which does not relate directly to a defect in materials and/or workmanship of this product.

This warranty does not cover cartons, equipment enclosures, cables or accessories used in conjunction with this product.


If you feel your product is a warranty case please fill out the warranty request form. All return shipping costs are the responsibility of the buyer. Used and demo products are sold “as is” and do not carry a warranty.


Determine whether the damage should be covered by warranty. Here are a few things that are not covered by warranty:

  • Normal wear resulting from standard usage that occurs over time.
  • Any problem resulting from misuse, abuse, impact (on any surface including water) or neglect.
  • Damage to product resulting from improper care or unnecessary roughness.
  • Parts or hardware that were lost or have gone missing after receiving your shipment.


To see a full list please see the warranty guidelines above. If your product needs reqair parts from normal wear and tear or lost items please check our shop to buy the parts you need to get your set(s) working again. If you have any questions please contact us.


Fill out the Warranty Request Form below. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact us. We want to see you using your BB Talkin intercoms almost as much as you want to use it, but please be patient we will work to get your case resolved as quick as possible.

Most warranties are usually resolved in a timely manner and will be processed in the order they come in. If you loose patience, no problem just call or e-mail us.

Add at least 3 photo’s of the damaged gear with a full product view, the damage and the serial number.


We will contact you with further instruction.


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