Just like any other waterproof electronic device whether it is a Go Pro or a waterproof walkie talkie the BB Talkin communication dvies need maintenance and care. Especially if you use it on the beach and in a salt water enviroment.

Some tips to expend the life of you BB Talkin gear:

  • Don’t leave your set(s) in the sun or in a hot car for long periods. The sealings may dry out and the housing may damage.
  • Although they are made to be out in the cold for usage, don’t leave them for long peroids out in the cold.
  • After using them in a salt water or sandy enviroment rinse the housing, microphones and earpads with low pressure clean water and then open the housing and remove the Main or Master units for charging.
  • Take care with the black housing seal that surrounds the back door. Gently lift the seal with a small object, and pull it off one of the corners to remove it. Rinse with tap water and if needed let it dry.
  • When storing your BB Talkin waterproof housing, it is best to leave it open so there’s no pressure on the seal. This will help them keep their shape, and prolong the life of your seals.
  • Do not overcharge your Main, Master, Speaker or Walkie Talkie systems.
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