How does BbTalkin Work? General use.

Read more and see more video’s about general product setup on the instruction page, like pairing, connecting devises and how to mount your advance intercom and headsets.

Distance when in group intercall

The limit is around 1200m in total in best situation. The more you connect, the less the overall distance.

Take a look at underneath situations to understand the maximum distance on bluetooth. 

Stay in line of sight

It is important to understand that Bluetooth only works in line of sight. Meaning you have to see the other intercom without any object blocking it’s way. Even turning your head is an obstacle for bluetooth. The less obstacle you have the more distance the system can cover up to 1200m.

* Bleutooth is a 2,4 Ghz weak signal. It is impossible to go thru water, waves, trees or any other obstacle blocking the direct signal

Max distance on land

When using your advance on land. The higher you will stand on a hill or cliff the more distance you will have up to 1000m or more. When both intercoms are on ground floor. The distance will be between 800-1000m.

Max distance on water

When both riders are on the water the distance will be between 300-800m. When the one of the riders is close to the water the distance will be 100-300m.

*All signals or antenna close to the water will make any signal weaker. 


Placing the intercom higher on the body increases the signal and distance. We always recommend to use the highest mounting position available. If the student goes low to the water with the intercom, signal strength will go down and you loose distance. When you submerge the intercom under water (with the arm mount for example) connection will be blocked, because the intercom is not in line of sight.

Easy cleaning and maintenance

Make sure you clean and rinse your headsets with fresh water every day after using. Your device is being used in harsh conditions (UV sunlight, warmth, cold, moist, salt, water and sand). Before your rinse the headsets. Take of the mic sponge. After rinsing your equipment, dry all helmet pads and mic with towel before taking the intercom out. Place all wet headsets and accessories in a well ventilated dry room. Make sure they dry as much as possible (don’t dry in direct sunlight). Always take the intercoms out of the case and keep them away from any moist coming from other equipment. Make sure your equipment is dry inside when installing.

How to choose the right setup?

Step 1 Choose how many people you want to be part of the group conversation and buy for each a BbTalkin Advance intercom

Step 2 Choose for all users the right headset. IPX7 for water or IPX5 for snow. See here all available headsets. For using your own headset choose the S01 multi connector instead.

Step 3 Choose accessories or extra’s if needed. Extra velcro and mounts for helmets or microphone and speaker replacements. You can find all accessories here. Or even an extra headsets for a different setup.

Looking for a pack? We have some pre made package ready to use for most common situation. Go take a look here.

Walky Talky or BbTalkin? How it will help your progression.


BbTalkin Advance Features

BbTalkin Advance intercom single pack

1200m distance

Compatible headphones

Noise canceling

Listen to music

Pair with Garmin ultra

IPX7 Waterproof case

Pair with smartphone

Pickup phone calls

10h operation time

2h charge time

Cold resistant

max 6p group

Online communication

live conversation

Handsfree system

BbTalkin Advance, our flag ship. The best bluetooth IPX7 waterproof watersport communication devise on the market. Creating incredible progression and safety during coaching and communicating with colleague. You can stay in contact with your friends and family in live conversation, handsfree, while you share the fun. Our BbTalkin intercoms create a network with live communication established thru built-in Bluetooth connection. Crispy clear sound without disturbance of other communication devises.

read more about BbTalkin Advance intercom…

That’s not all! We have more!

Say goodbye to your old Walky Talky

BbSpeaker Features

BbTalkin BbSpeaker ALL IN ONE

700m distance

3.5mm Audio jack

Noise canceling

Listen to music

IPX5 Water resistant

Pair with smartphone

Pickup phone calls

2h charge time

Cold resistant

max 4p group

Online communication

live conversation

Handsfree system

Walky-Talky with ZELLO

BbSpeaker is our most versatile communication devise. It’s an ALL-IN-ONE devise. Connect the BbSpeakers or BbTalkin intercoms together and you have a live conversation up to 1200m via the integrated wifi network that the devises will establish. You can also use the BbSpeaker as a Walky Talky when connecting with your smartphone. It will replace your old Walky Talky and has unlimited range and connections thru the use of ZellApp. The BbSpeaker is also capable of turning into a music speaker. Connect you smartphone and play your favorite music.

read more about BbSpeaker

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