BbTalkin MAIN intercom


This is the MAIN intercom. You will need two MAIN intercoms for communication.

  • for replacement of old/broken intercom
  • to add to existing set or group (don't forget to order MASTER intercom)
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This is a single MAIN waterproof intercom by BbTALKIN.  You need at least two main units to communicate with another person. You will also need a head accessory to mount this main unit on.

You would purchase this item to replace a damaged main unit or if you want to add a person into your existing communication circle.  For example, if you own x1 master unit and x2 main units for a three person communication system, and you now have the need to add a fourth person to communicate with the group, you would need to purchase another main unit.

Comes with:

  • x1: Main Unit
  • x1: Waterproof Case
  • x1 Marine Mount
  • x1 Double Sided Tape
  • x1 Snow Goggle Mount
  • x1 Mic Sponge for Earphone Mic
  • x1 Falling prevention Strap
  • x1 Alcohol prep


Maximum distance: *open field 1mile (1600m)
Operating time: 15h
Stand by time: 700h
Charging time: 2h
Water proof level: IPX7

bluetooth Ver.: 3.0
Profiles: HSP, HFP, A2DP, AVRCP
Radio authentication: TELEC, CE, FCC

CH1=Intrcall, CH2=Phone, CH3=Music