Stay connected with BB Talkin

Die BB Talkin Main & Master-Intercoms werden nicht länger hergestellt. Beide werden durch die BB Talkin Advance Intercom ersetzt, aber Sie können die alten Main & Master Intercom weiterverwenden und mit der neuen Advance Intercom koppeln.

Die BB Talkin Advance Intercom hat einige neue, zusätzliche Eigenschaften.

Product features

Listen to music when connected to your phone via Bluetooth *Distance : 10m-30m

Answer or make phone calls through you MAIN intercom

Two way communication distance at 1 mile (1,6km) Real time life communication

What you Get?

Immerse in water for 30 minutes at a depth of one meter. *Must be in closed waterproof case.

Great for snow sports with exceptional resistance to cold conditions. Use it with your friends or coach on the mountain.

BBT has an excellent wind/noise cancellation

12 hours of continue use time

How you can use the system as an instructor

2 way communication

3-4 way communication 

BbTALKIN is a handsfree communication system!

BBT is NOT a WALKY TALKY or PTT (Pust-toTalk) system. After pairing BBT, just mount it onto your helmet or hat, then plug and secure the microphone in. You can start a real time , hands-free conversation.

How to record a conversation?

Recording more than 2 students

Recording voice of student (or presentation)