BB Talkin Advance Intercom

Available in April 2018

Open for pre-order

This is the new BB Talkin Advance intercom. 
Now you can connect up to 4 people at the same time. 
This is ideal for short distance communication sports such as wakeboarding and  sailing.

We are excited to announce 3 new game changing features.
You can now invite friends from anywhere in the world to be part of your session.
Even easier to review your coaching sessions after the lessons.
Enjoy the special moments that you share with your friends.
Riding together, always connected.

BB Talkin Advance intercoms will work with all previous bbtalkin models. 
This is the world best coaching tool.
Take your videos to the next level by recording what we said during that special moment.

Online live communication:


Talk to your friends or family : 

ADVANCE has the capability to receive a phone call + 2 people inter-calling. You can communicate with 3 people at the same time.

Example of kiteboarding use:

1. Purchase pair of ADVANCE units. One device pairs with Iphone.

2. The camera man wears the iphone paired ADVANCE unit, and the rider wears another ADVANCE unit.

3. Focus the iphone camera on the rider and start to video talk with the overseas friends.

*The video man must be in the 4G/LTE covered area. 

Recommend to use with: 

Google Duo

Record Video & Voice by Smartphone

Coaches can take a video and record the voice of the student .

It is easier to review your coaching sessions after the lessons.

* Please download the app “Movie Pro” to take the video.

Record Video & Voice with Garmin action camera:



Enjoy the special moments that you share with your friends.
Riding together, always connected.

GARMIN + 3 Advance intercoms (up to 3) = record 3 riders happy voice.

Sync Advance with smartphone/Garmin action cam, and record the amazing conversation between 2 riders.

When recording video via Bluetooth headset, “MOVIE PRO” application is required, go to app store and download “MOVIE PRO”

4-Way Real time live communication:


Up to 4 simultaneous conversations can be recorded.

The pairing process has become even simpler. Power on all of the devices, select one and press it’s button to pair them all.

* Require all devices to be ADVANCE intercoms.

Compatible with both the Standerd Main and the Master intercoms:

The BB Talkin Advance intercom can be paired with 2 Main intercoms, 2 Master intercoms or 1 of each.

Hands free and wireless music function:

Handsfree call and wireless music function can be used like BB Talkin Standard Main device.

Listen to music
Take phone calls

* Distance between Advance intercom and phone must within 30m.

Advance main unit  x 1

Marine mount x 1

Goggle mount x 1

Double side tape x 1

Alcohol prep x 1

Micro USB cable x 1

Advance main unit  x 2

Marine mount x 2

Goggle mount x 2

Double side tape x 2

Alcohol prep x 2

Micro USB cable x 2



BLUETOOTH ver………………….4.0

Intercall talk time…………………15h

Intercall distance *open field……..1600m

Charge time…………………………2h



*Communication distance and talking

time are depends on pairing numbers

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